Deb Koffman Art

Mindfulness Prints

By Deb Koffman

Here is a selection of cartoons great for framing, mailing or just contemplating...and for helping to remind you there is more than one way to look at anything...

Inspirational art for mindfulness practitioners, therapists, educators, kids, coaches, artists, yoga practitioners, healing centers. 

8.5 x 11  4/Color Prints on 80lb stock
comes with 9x12 colorbrite envelope
packaged in a cellophane sleeve

$15 each

RESELLERS: email for wholesale prices



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Map Of The Territory Print

Blob Print

Box Of Views Print

Noticing Fear Print

Looking Print

My Mind Print

Map Of Yesterday Print

Signs Of Well-Being Print

Woman With Many Gifts Print

Places Print

Red Tulip Print

How To Have A Marvelous Day Print

Spaces Print

Watching Grass Grow Print

Writing Print

Some Parts Print

Sitting With Awareness Print

Make Room For All You Need

Collected Moments